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NYC Mayor Announces Health Care Coverage For All New York City Residents

NYC Mayor Announces Health Care Coverage For All New York City Residents

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new plan to provide all New York City residents with health care coverage. The plan will cover everyone regardless of ability pay or immigration status, according to a local news report.

The mayor made the historic surprise announcement Tuesday during the MSNBC morning program Morning Joe.

The plan will provide health care to the nearly 600,000 New Yorkers currently using the ER as a primary provider, according to de Blasio.

“This is the city paying for direct comprehensive care (not just ERs) for people who can’t afford it, or can’t get comprehensive Medicaid — including 300,000 undocumented New Yorkers,” spokesman Eric Phillips tweeted.

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On Twitter, De Blasio wrote that there would be a public option and a new program called NYC Care.

“Health care isn’t just a right in theory, it must be a right in practice. Today I’m announcing a plan to guarantee health care for all New Yorkers. Through our own public option and a new program called NYC Care, we’ll ensure the first stop for people isn’t the emergency room.”— Mayor Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor) January 8, 2019

The $100 million plan will roll out this year and expand over the next few years, de Blasio said. New Yorkers can access the program via the city’s website or by calling 311.

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Funding for the new program will require no tax hikes, the mayor said.

“We’ll put the money in to make it work; it’s going to save us money down the line,” de Blasio said. “We’re already paying an exorbitant amount to pay for health care the wrong way when what we should be doing is helping them get the primary care.”

De Blasio was scheduled to hold a news conference at 11 a.m. Tuesday to reveal more information about the plan.

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