NYC Bar Calls For Donald Trump’s Immediate Removal, Discipline Of Legislators

The New York City Bar Association — the organization of over 24k attorneys — has issued an official statement calling for Donald Trump to be removed from his position as President of the United States, and for a thorough investigation of all legislators connected to the Capitol insurrection attempt, with disciplinary measures and even criminal prosecution for those found to be involved.

Donald Trump must be removed says NYC Bar
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The New York City Bar released a statement Monday, after legislators and officials did not, in the five days following an attack on the Capitol, in any way remove or censure the President for his role in stirring up passions in the rioters, feeding them misinformation, and finally telling them to go to the Capitol and “fight harder,” reinforcing the widespread call for action.

In the letter, the NYC Bar first describes the relevant actions by the President that are of concern.

President Trump reiterated the false claims that he had “won this election, [and] we won it by a landslide.” Trump added “[w]e will never give up, we will never concede” and urged his followers to continue to “fight” the election results and not show “weakness.” He criticized the Vice President for refusing to alter the election results and then exhorted the crowd to descend on the Capitol to express their displeasure with the proceedings then underway in the Joint Session of Congress in the House of Representatives.

They also mention remarks by Representative Mo Brooks, calling for ‘patriots’ to “start taking down names and kicking a**,” and Rudy Giuliani’s call for “trial by combat.” (Giuliani is also facing disbarment.)

Then the letter lays out the results of Trump’s message:

Incited by the President’s false claims of election fraud and exhortations, an angry mob stormed the Capitol, overran barricades, broke windows, overwhelmed the Capitol Police on site, ransacked offices and desecrated the halls of Congress…menaced the members of Congress, the Vice President, the Speaker of the House and their staffs, who had to be evacuated to secure locations, and disrupted the joint session of Congress until order could be restored hours later [and] resulted in the deaths of five persons, including a police officer, and injuries to dozens more.

Finally, they recommend action, beginning with Vice President Mike Pence giving due consideration to the use of the 25th Amendment, and, failing that, for Congress to impeach in an expedited manner. Censure alone, the letter warns, is inadequate.

As for other legislators involved in the planning or incitement of the event, the NYC Bar says this:

The House of Representatives and the Senate should, through appropriate process of inquiry, consider whether any of their members were involved in inciting, aiding and abetting the riotous assault on Congress, and should consider appropriate disciplinary measures in the event of an affirmative finding, as well as a possible referral for prosecution to criminal justice authorities.

The full letter, which also addresses Trump’s phone calls with the Georgia Attorney General, can be read here.

The House of Representatives has, at this time, started the process of Articles of Impeachment.

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