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NY Times, Wash Post Editors Say They Must Show Trump Voters Respect

NY Times, Wash Post Editors Say They Must Show Trump Voters Respect

Donald Trump, who often rails against “fake news,” seems to have two sources he dislikes more than any others. He frequently lashes out against the Washington Post and its owner Jeff Bezos. And he really hats his hometown paper that he often refers to as “the failing New York Times.”

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The editors of those papers, Dean Baquet of the Times and Marty Baron of the Post recently spoke with Chuck Todd about the age of Trump. They told the NBC host that both periodicals need to do a better job of covering the President.

According to Baron, “I don’t want to be dismissive of people that support our president. They’re owed our respect they certainly have mine. They feel the so-called elites in Washington have not paid attention to them, that they don’t understand their lives…They feel that the president is actually listening to them and addressing their concerns and so they tend to believe him.”

Baquet seconded the thought, saying, “We have to do a better job understanding why some people support Donald Trump. I agree with Marty, we can’t dismiss everybody that supports Donald Trump. I think we have to get out in America much more than we do and talk to people.”

The New York Times Editor finished by telling Todd, ” I think we cannot dismiss everybody whose supported Donald Trump and everybody and we just cannot dismiss them. First off, that’s not journalistically moral, it’s journalistically moral to reach out, understand the world and to be read that’s our job.”

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