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NY Times Study: Tucker Carlson’s Show is the Most Racist in the History of Cable News

NY Times Study: Tucker Carlson’s Show is the Most Racist in the History of Cable News

Fox News has always been tailored for White Conservatives. Things began to change, though, once Barack Obama was elected President. Roger Ailes instructed his newscasters to refer to the President as Barack Hussein Obama. And many Fox personalities happily promoted the racist birther theory.

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But none of the anchors has been more openly bigoted than Tucker Carlson. According to a study conducted by the New York Times, Carlson’s show is the most racist in the history of cable news.

The report begins, “[the program] may be the most racist show in the history of cable news — and also, by some measures, the most successful.”

In order to make their determination, the paper studied over 1,150 episodes of the Fox host’s show. According to the study:

“With seeming impunity, Mr. Carlson has used his broadcast to attack Fox’s own news coverage helping drive some journalists off the air and others, like the veteran Fox anchor Shepard Smith, to leave the network entirely. In Australia, the editors of some Murdoch-owned newspapers watch Mr. Carlson’s show religiously, believing it provides clues to Mr. Murdoch’s own views. According to former senior Fox employees, Mr. Carlson boasts of rarely speaking with Fox’s chief executive, Suzanne Scott, but talking or texting regularly with Mr. Murdoch. And in an extraordinary departure from the old Fox code, Mr. Carlson is exempt from the network’s fearsome media relations department, which under Roger Ailes, Fox’s founder, served to both defend the channel’s image and keep its talent in line.”

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