NY Times: Every Single Member of Congress Needs to Take a Covid Test

Most of the 535 members of the House of Representatives have taken the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously. Certain members, however, have not made much of an effort to protect their colleagues. It isn’t unusual to see some Republicans not wearing masks in committee meetings or walking through hallways.

Louie Gohmert daughter says don't be like dad, wear a mask
[Photo by Matt McClain / POOL / AFP via Getty Images]
One of these Republicans, Texas’ Louie Gohmert, tested positive for the virus. The Texas lawmaker received his diagnosis shortly before boarding a plane with the President. The New York Times editorial board is now pointing to the Gohmert situation as a reason to test every member of the House.

The paper notes that at least 14 members are thought to have contracted the virus.

According to the Times, there are still plenty of lawmakers flouting the rules:

“From maintenance workers to legislative aides, employees came forward with anonymous accounts of how the patchwork of precautions — each lawmaker’s office operates with its own rules — and cavalier behavior by some members was endangering the thousands of people who keep the Capitol complex running.”

Following Gohmert’s positive test, Nancy Pelosi ordered that all lawmakers wear masks while appearing at hearings. The Times says that is a nice start, but not quite enough.

The editorial board continues, “Elected officials have a particular responsibility both to model responsible behavior during this pandemic and to take extra precautions so they don’t become super spreaders. Put another way, when a lawmaker behaves like a ‘ding dong,’ as one Republican aide said of Mr. Gohmert, he puts everyone at risk.”

You can read the entire piece here


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