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NY State Passes Bill Authorizing Release of Trump’s Tax Returns

NY State Passes Bill Authorizing Release of Trump’s Tax Returns

People have been trying to get Donald Trump’s tax returns released to the public since the 2016 campaign. Trump has avoided doing so for nearly three years, but it turns out the state of New York might solve that problem for him.

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The New York State Senate has just passed a bill by a 39 to 21 vote to make it easier for the US Congress to obtain the President’s state tax returns. Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has already said that he’d sign the bill into law should it reach his desk.

Members of the New York state legislature may allow House Democrats to see Trump’s state level filings. The Democratically controlled House of Representatives is then quite likely to allow the public to see at least some of them, including the part about Trump losing 1.17 billion dollars.

The taxes will come by way of a pending bill that will allow the House Ways and Means Committee, the Senate Finance Committee, and the Joint Committee on Taxation to receive any tax documents that are requested for “specified and legitimate legislative purpose.”

Any taxes coming from New York State will be most interesting, since Trump’s homes and business empire are housed there. According to experts, those state filings will  “contain much of the same financial information as a federal return.”

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New York State Senator Brad Hoylman said,  “New York’s role [is] even more crucial [in] assisting Congress in its oversight,” since Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was willing to be held in contempt of Congress and maybe even go to jail in order to keep Trump’s taxes a secret.

In addition to pushing legislation that goes after Trump’s taxes, the state of New York is also working to make sure that anyone Trump pardons can still be tried in New York at the state level, where presidential pardons will not protect them.

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