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NY Governor Cuomo: Leftists Forced Pelosi to Start Impeachment Inquiry

NY Governor Cuomo: Leftists Forced Pelosi to Start Impeachment Inquiry

Donald Trump may have been been born and raised in the state of New York, but he is not very popular there. During the 2016 election, the current president lost the state to Hillary Clinton by nearly 22 percentage points.

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New York’s current governor, Andrew Cuomo is a Democrat who is normally supportive of progressive policies. That is why it was surprising to hear Cuomo say that the recently announced impeachment inquiry into Trump was driven by leftists.

Cuomo made the comments while appearing at a talk with former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The New York leader felt that Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi had no choice but to begin the process.

The New York governor said, “Speaker Pelosi was dealing with pressure from her caucus and, when you talk about pressure from the left, there is a highly leftist component to the Democratic Party that she was feeling pressure for.”

Cuomo also opined that the investigation wouldn’t lead to any kind of trouble for Trump. The governor continued, “Where does it go ultimately? Nowhere, because even if they vote for impeachment, it goes to the Senate.”

Christie, who was a one-time surrogate for Trump was quick to absolve the President. He remarked, “This is the president, who he is and how he talks, and how he does business. And this is no mystery to anybody who’s known him, even just as a public servant over the last three years, let alone me knowing him for 18 years.”

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The comments from Cuomo were a departure from his words on Wednesday. Following Pelosi’s announcement, the governor said, “you’re darn right there should be an inquiry.”


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