NY Gov Kathy Hochul Says All Unvaccinated Medical Workers Will Be Fired If They Miss Vaccine Mandate Deadline

Governor Kathy Hochul says healthcare workers who are not vaccinated for COVID-19 when the new state mandate takes effect on Monday, September 27th, will be replaced.

According to figures from the state Department of Health, 84% of medical staff statewide are fully immunized. It’s unclear how many of the unvaccinated will actually be fired when the mandate begins.

Those medical workers who choose to remain unvaccinated, may not be employed for much longer. Speaking in Rochester this week, Governor Hochul made it clear the state is holding firm on the requirement to get vaccinated. “To those who won’t, we will be replacing people,” Hochul said without hesitation. She also thanked the thousands of medical staff who have gotten immunized, saying “you are keeping true to your oath.”

New York hospitals have already struggled with the vaccine mandate in recent weeks, with nurses in a maternity ward at an upstate hospital resigning over the state’s vaccine mandate earlier this month, forcing the hospital to temporarily halt all baby deliveries after September 24th. Nursing homes have also struggled with staffing shortages, as it’s difficult finding long-term care options when so many facilities have paused new admissions.

Gov. Hochul said the state is exploring several options to assist facilities that experience staffing issues as a result of the vaccine mandate, including transporting volunteers from elsewhere in New York and bringing in foreign workers.


The rules do allow for limited exemptions due to medical reasons. A federal court forced the state to temporarily allow religious objections until at least October 12th.


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