NY Barber Who’s Been Defying Stay at Home Tests Positive for COVID

Since mid-March, the state of New York has been the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. While New York City is the hardest hit region, all parts of the state have been affected. This includes the town of Kingston, located in Ulster County.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Like all parts of the state, non-essential businesses in Ulster County are barred from opening shop. This includes barber shops. One barber in Kingston who defied those orders, however, has now tested positive for COVID-19.

The state does not know how long the man has had the virus and worries that he might have infected a number of customers.

Carol Smith, who serves as  the Ulster County Department of Health Commissioner said in a statement, “We are taking extraordinary measures to try and minimize the spread of this dangerous disease and learning that a barbershop has been operating illicitly for weeks with a COVID-19 positive employee is extraordinarily disheartening”

The commissioner continued, “As much as we would all like to go out and get a professional haircut, this kind of direct contact has the potential to dramatically spread this virus throughout our community and beyond.”

The state is also urging anyone who came into contact with the stylist to get tested. “I urge anyone who has received a haircut at a Kingston barber in the last several weeks to immediately contact their physician or call our hotline to arrange for a diagnostic test,” said Smith.

This barber is not the first hairstylist to make the news during the coronavirus pandemic. A stylist in Texas has become a celebrity after being arrested for refusing to shut her doors.


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