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NRA’s Leader Admits in Bankruptcy Case He Doesn’t Trust Guns to Protect Himself

NRA’s Leader Admits in Bankruptcy Case He Doesn’t Trust Guns to Protect Himself

Slightly less than three months ago, on January 15th, the National Rifle Association filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition in New York City. Over Easter weekend, the organization’s executive vice president, Wayne LaPierre, admitted in a courtroom deposition that he and his family absconded on a 100-foot yacht because they were in fear of getting killed.

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Ironically, LaPierre’s confession effectively neutralized the argument that guns are the be-all and end-all to personal safety.

“Because of the threat that I was under and because of the fact that I couldn’t feel safe anywhere, was being harassed and screamed at everywhere and death threats, I – I considered it a condition of the security environment that I was operating in as a result of the job that I had with the NRA, which put me in a totally unique situation that I don’t think hardly any other American has experienced, with the possible exception of someone like – I mean, I can’t describe the extent of the threat that I was under at that point,” LaPierre smugly recalled.

“I was in a totally unique situation that I think hardly anybody else in the U.S. experienced that type of threat other than maybe the president. I mean, I had a presidential threat without presidential security and was looking for a place to be safe,” said LaPierre.

It also significantly bolsters the fraud charges filed against the “non-profit” filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James earlier this year, prompting the NRA to file for bankruptcy protection to avoid its accumulating legal bills.

Hearings began on Monday in Dallas, Texas, where the NRA relocated after the charges were filed. It has six days to convince a judge to approve the Chapter 11 petition.

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Victory is by no means certain.

“By the NRA’s own words, it is not only solvent but financially strong,” New York Assistant Attorney General Monica Connell said on Monday.

In a separate and damning deposition that was filed last Friday, testimony obtained from an individual identified as a travel consultant revealed that LaPierre wanted her to cover up flights that his family took to the Bahamas at the NRA’s expense.

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