NRA Receives Thoughts And Prayers After Revealing Financial Troubles

The National Rifle Association recently announced concerns about the future of the organization. The organization has recently been connected to accused Russian spy Maria Butina, who reportedly boasted of being a contact between Trump and the Kremlin, and is facing backlash for fighting policies that many believe could help prevent mass shootings. Now the organization says it’s struggling, because banks and insurance agencies are distancing themselves.

NRA gets thoughts and prayers instead of donations
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

However, if the NRA, which has been criticized for offering ‘thoughts and prayers’ in the wake of disasters, while continuing to block legislation that could help prevent recurrences, expected an outpouring of sympathy, they were wrong. Instead, they got back what critics say they’ve given: thoughts and prayers.

After the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, in which twenty children aged six and seven years old, as well as six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary, were shot, Barack Obama cried on national television while promising to fight for legislation that might have made it harder for Adam Lanza to get his hands on weapons. The NRA sent thoughts and prayers — and fought to prevent legislation from passing.

Earlier this year, there was another school shooting in Maryland, at Great Mills High School. According to the Baltimore Sun, a gunman entered the school and shot two students. He was then shot and killed by the school resource officer.

Grant Stinchfield, a presenter for NRA TV, in a claim that good-guy-with-a-gun stores are neglected and underrepresented by the media, offered thoughts and prayers, before asserting that ‘mainstream media’ gets ‘mad’ when thoughts and prayers are offered.

Now the NRA is getting a chance to decide how they feel about thoughts and prayers taking the place of meaningful action. The offers are coming in from public figures, celebrities, and just about everyone who has ever been frustrated with the NRA’s fight against any regulation whatsoever of firearms and their ownership, transport, and use.

Even the God of social media weighed in, offering prayers that would presumably be to himself, a return which is honestly probably a good investment, anyway.

So far, the NRA hasn’t publicly declared whether all the prayers and thoughts rolling in have done anything to heal their financial and political public relations wounds. We anxiously await developments.

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