NRA “Exploring All Options” After Conservative Court Rules No Right To Carry

The Second Amendment does not give any absolute right to carry a weapon in public space, according to a panel of judges. The NRA, which has pushed for broader rights in gun ownership, is frantically seeking any possible recourse.

[Photo credit JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images]

A restriction enacted in Hawaii may have reverberating effects across the nation as a Circuit court rules that there is no guaranteed right to carry a weapon in public as a part of the Second Amendment. While gun rights groups such as the NRA have argued that the words “shall not be infringed” mean no gun restrictions whatsoever, anywhere, ever, the Ninth Circuit has disagreed.

Once known as a more liberal-leaning court, the Ninth Circuit has shifted in the Trump era. The L.A. Times reported last year that ten Trump appointees had effectively flipped the court, making up more than a third of the bench.

Seven members of an 11-judge panel agreed Wednesday, in a ruling written by George W. Bush appointee U.S. Circuit Judge Jay Bybee, that the right to bear arms does not equal an unfettered right to carry in all public spaces, Courthouse News reports. This reversed a previous ruling in the matter of a Hawaii law forbidding open or concealed carry in public without a permit, and allowing limits on who can obtain such a permit.

The NRA responded on Twitter, decrying the ruling, and declaring that they would ‘explore all options’ to find a way to ‘rectify’ the ruling, which comes in the immediate wake of two mass shootings.

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