NPR Swamped With Donations Following Pompeo Meltdown At Reporter

A tense confrontation between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly, in which the former berated the latter with a profanity-laden tongue-lashing, is resulting in a flood of donations to the organization in support of the reporter’s work.

Kevin Hagen/Getty Images

During an interview with Pompeo late last week, in which NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly asked a series of questions about Ukraine that were not to his liking, the secretary launched into a rant against the reporter moments after the interview concluded, HuffPost reported.

Pompeo used the f-word a number of times toward Kelly, and claimed no one cared about Ukraine. He also questioned whether she herself could find Ukraine on a map, and tested her with a blank one that had no words on it. Kelly said she was able to point out where the nation was without a problem.

As part of the ongoing drama that has resulted from that confrontation by Pompeo to Kelly, the White House has made veiled threats to NPR about its future. President Donald Trump, for instance, suggested in a tweet that the media organization’s very existence could be on the line.

Trump quoted a tweet over the weekend from a conservative media pundit, who asked “Why does NPR still exist?” following news of Pompeo’s tirade against Kelly. “A very good question!” Trump said in response.

But donations appear to be pouring in for NPR as a result of Pompeo’s flabbergasting. In response to an email from the Washington Post, NPR spokeswoman Isabel Lara said, “Yes, we have seen increased donations!”

A number of the donations have been made with commentary from donors saying they were supportive of Kelly. Some of the monetary gifts were also made in “care of” Pompeo, a tongue-in-cheek way for donors to demonstrate their dislike of his actions over the past week.

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