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NPR Asks Michael Cohen’s Attorney if he’d Accept a Pardon From Trump

NPR Asks Michael Cohen’s Attorney if he’d Accept a Pardon From Trump

Yesterday, after Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to charges that could send him to prison for 3-5 years, his attorney, Lanny Davis, made several TV and radio appearances, and to his credit answered all of the tough questions.

Appearing on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, Davis explained that the allegations being made that Cohen is somehow lying about being directed to commit a felony by Donald Trump, are easily disproved.  Davis explained this by saying that Trump’s legal team sent a letter to the Special Counsel, actually saying that Trump directed Cohen to make the payments which have since been deemed illegal.

Davis then went on to appear on NPR this morning and he had more interesting things to say.

“Donald Trump is guilty of a crime,” Davis said. “The president of the United States is a criminal.  He is a criminal by the words of his own attorneys…. not only has he directed a crime, he’s part of a cover-up.”

Davis was then asked by NPR host Rachel Martin if Michael Cohen would accept a pardon from President Trump.  Davis answered:

“I know that Mr. Cohen would never accept a pardon from a man that he considers to be both corrupt and a dangerous person in the Oval Office, and he has flatly authorized me to say that under no circumstances would he accept a pardon from President Trump…. Mr. Cohen is not interested in being dirtied by a pardon from such a man.”

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So there you have it.  Michael Cohen will not accept a pardon from President Trump.

Listen to the entire NPR interview with Lanny Davis below.

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