Now Amy Coney Barrett Is Concerned About SCOTUS Being Seen As Partisan

Justice Amy Coney Barrett was Donald Trump’s third Supreme Court appointment, placed in the last weeks before the election in which the nation rejected his bid for a second term. Now she’s trying to convince the public that her placement isn’t a sign that the court has become partisan.

Donald Trump: impeach SCOTUS
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Before Barrett was even confirmed to the court, NPR reported on the concerns the public had about her politics. More specifically, there was a widespread concern that her purpose was to overturn the precedent set in Roe v. Wade, protecting medical privacy in the matter of abortion. Alongside her own expressed positions on abortion and her religious views, activists and analysts noted Trump’s promise that he would seat Justices who would oppose abortion rights.

Now some of those concerns have been realized, as SCOTUS allowed an extremely restrictive abortion law to take effect in Texas, preventing a pregnant person from aborting a fetus after 6 weeks gestation. Because of the way gestation is counted, at this point conception may have been as little as 3-4 weeks past, and a person may not even know yet that they are pregnant — making this the nearest thing to a complete ban on abortions.

Now Barrett seems to be in damage control mode — she says she’s trying to convince people SCOTUS isn’t packed with “partisan hacks.”

According to Politico, she tried to blame the media for only reporting the court’s decisions, rather than the process of deliberating for those decisions, and tried to argue that “judicial philosophies are not the same as political parties.”

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