Not Going To End Well For Him: Donald Trump Threatens Michael Cohen in Advance Of Testimony

Donald Trump threatened Michael Cohen when he was asked by reporters about his former lawyer's looming testimony. 

Michael Cohen stood by Donald Trump's side for a very long time. That loyalty ended, however, when the lawyer went to prison over actions he says he performed for the former President. 

This week, Cohen testified against Trump in the New York fraud trial. When asked about the occasion, he responded that it was a "heck of a reunion."

Trump was much angrier, telling reporters, " Well, it, uh, haven’t seen him in years. And you know, his record, his record is a horrible one. We have to do is ask the Southern District of New York. He’s got a horrible record. But then you start dealing...This is not going to end up very good for him."

The former President continued his rant:

"We’re not worried at all about his testimony, and the testimony from the accounting firm was that everything was legit with all the pressure they were under, they were under tremendous pressure for years to say something else. And they (inaudible) ery strong and I give great respect to them for saying it. But we’re in the middle of this, so we’ll see how it is. But you see what his record is, he’s not a credible witness. And so far he hasn’t said anything that matters. But he is not a credible witness."

Watch a clip of Trump's comments below: