North Korea: Kim Jong Un Has Lost Appetite to Negotiate with the US

Donald Trump’s Vietnam summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un began with high hopes. The positive expectations did not last long as Trump abruptly ended talks and flew back to the United States early.

Photo Credit: Voice Of America

Trump told reporters asking about the early departure, “Sometime’s you have to walk.” Foreign Minister, Ri Yong Ho, called a press conference to tell American reporters the North Korean side of the story.

Ri told the assembled reporters,

“We offered a realistic proposal to the US. If sanctions partially removed by the US, the DPRK will permanently remove plutonium and uranium processing facilities at Yongbyon in presence of US experts. The US was not ready to accept our proposal.”

While Trump’s two meetings with Kim have been called negotiations, the North Korean proposal has never changed. Ri continued, “Our proposal will never change although US proposes negotiations again in the future.”
Trump told reporters something slightly different. According to the the president, North Korea wants all sanctions removed: “It was about the sanctions,” Mr. Trump said. “Basically they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety, but we couldn’t do that.”
Ri also attributed the lack of faith in each other to be a stumbling point in negotiations. “Given the current level of trust between North Korea and the United States, this was the maximum step for denuclearization we can offer,” Ri said.
Trump has made denuclearization of North Korea one of his key goals. According to North Korea, that may have just become more difficult. Noth Korean diplomat, Choi Son Hui, told reporters, “Kim Jong Un now seems to have lost his appetite to negotiate with the US.”

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