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North Korea Calls John Bolton ‘Defective Human Product’ — And Trump Barely Reacts

North Korea Calls John Bolton ‘Defective Human Product’ — And Trump Barely Reacts

As North Korea resumes its short-range missile tests that it had previously halted during negotiations with the Trump administration, the president’s national security adviser John Bolton expressed alarm and even described the action as violating a UN Security Council resolution.

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In response to Bolton’s comments, a North Korea government spokesperson ranted that Bolton was violating Pyongyang’s rights to “self-defense.”

But the official didn’t stop there and made further attacks against Bolton’s character.

“It’s not that strange that crooked sound will always come out the mouth of a man who is structurally flawed, and it’s best that this defective human product goes away as soon as possible,” the official said, per reporting from Vice.

While such hostile language attacking members of the administration may concern commanders-in-chief in the past, President Donald Trump appeared unfazed by the missives, and even seemed supportive of Pyongyang’s attacks. Speaking alongside Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who disagreed at times with the president’s assertions, Trump downplayed the comments, and the missile tests themselves.

“We continue to hope that [North Korea Chairman Kim Jong Un] seizes the opportunity to transform his country through denuclearization. It is a country with tremendous economic and other potentials,” Trump said.

Late last week, Trump also sent out a tweet that suggested, while others may have been “disturbed” by the resumption of missile tests on the Korean peninsula, he had not been, adding that he was confident that Kim would “keep his promise to me.” He also lauded the North Korean dictator for attacking Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as a “low IQ individual.”


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“Perhaps that’s sending me a signal?” Trump added.

The president elaborated while speaking alongside Abe that he wasn’t in agreement with his own officials about whether the missile launches were such a bad thing, per reporting from the Washington Post.

“My people think it could have been a violation” of the UN resolution, Trump said. “I view it differently.”

It’s unclear what negotiation strategy Trump is employing at this moment, as ballistic missile tests continue in North Korea and there appear to be no signs that the country is planning to diminish its nuclear program in the near future.

In other statements emanating from Pyongyang over the past few days, the Kim regime insisted that unless the Trump administration “comes forward with a new method of calculation, the DPRK-U.S. dialogue will never be resumed and by extension, the prospect for resolving the nuclear issue will be much gloomy,” Reuters reported.

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