North Carolina’s Number Two Republican Declares Holy War on Secular Society

Last week, North Carolina’s Republican Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson claimed that the only way to prevent future mass shootings is to indoctrinate students into his ultra-conservative brand of Christianity.


Evidently, that was not a forceful enough plan. Robinson is now calling for the United States to be controlled by right-wing religious fanatics. He has also declared a holy war on secular society.

After all, God is on *his* side, so he insists.

“It is time for us to get in the fight. It is time for us to push back against these lies and tell these folks in the media – tell these folks in our government – we are not afraid of you, because standing behind me is my father. He’s the same one that stood behind us in our Revolution, the same one that stood behind us in our Civil War, the same one that stood behind us when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and he’s the same one standing behind us now. We’re not afraid and we’re ready to fight,” Robinson proclaimed.

“So all of you, get your churches involved,” he ordered his audience.

“Get yourselves involved. This is not the time to be faint. This is not the time to hide in the background and hope it just all goes away. If there is to be a future in this country, it is going to have to be led by the people of God. Our history is laden with their leadership and our future needs to be laden with that leadership as well,” Robinson continued.

“So I stand before you giving you one commission. Go back to the places where you worship and tell those folks the good news. The good news is this: the answer to our problems don’t lie in Washington, DC and they don’t lie in Raleigh. They line the pages of our Bible and they sit on the pews of our churches. Motivate those folks and get them ready, cause it’s time to go to war, folks,” Robinson declared. “It is time for the church to start being the leader – the head, not the tail – and bring this nation back to where it should be.”

Watch below:

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