Noel Casler To Donald Trump: “Wait Til My Book Comes Out” — Pageant Behavior, More

Noel Casler hinted Friday that he may be releasing a book of his own stories and information about the president. Casler spent a lot of time around the Trump family behind the scenes of Celebrity Apprentice, and he’s always got a lot to say about them. His stories about Trump depict the former reality star in a range of roles from petty tyrant to sexual harrasser to pouty petulant.

Noel Casler's book could address pageant behavior
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Okay, the disclaimer: most of Casler’s stories haven’t been verified. However, he’s been telling them for years, and Trump, who is always quick to offer a public defense of himself, hasn’t ever addressed them. Casler also admits he signed a non-disclosure agreement, but there’s never been any action on enforcing it when he shares his lore.

One thing that’s very clear is that if Casler is filling a book with his stories about Donald Trump, they won’t likely be tales the president will endorse or appreciate.

On Friday, Trump was complaining on Twitter about Bob Woodward’s upcoming book. “Everyone writes phony books about Donald Trump,” he said.

Casler responded by suggesting that if Trump isn’t happy about Woodward’s book, he’ll feel even more strongly about Casler’s — and hinted that one thing that might be revealed is some backstage secret about how Trump picked winners in the Miss Universe pageant. (Admissions of bad behavior in general by Trump on the set are no secret — Rolling Stone published a collection of these stories in 2016, including Trump walking in on underage girls while they changed clothes, and saying he had an obligation to sleep with contestants. Again, to be clear, these aren’t accusations against Trump — they’re things he said himself.)

Casler has already told a lot of stories about his observations of Donald Trump — he claims the president wears adult diapers, snorts Adderall, and that his vanity causes him to wear lifts in his shoes and a girdle to make himself look taller and thinner.

Stories the former insider has already shared include Trump pouting in an SUV rather than walk to a theater from a parking garage, Trump using his modeling agency to traffic underage girls, and Trump using hidden cameras to capture illicit photos. He claims Donald Jr. was known to friends as ‘date-rape Donnie’ in college, and that Michael Cohen paid off not only sexual assault victims on Trump’s behalf, but women seeking abortions after sexual encounters with Trump. He’s even claimed that Ivanka is aware that her father has raped a string of victims.

Trump is quick to call negative statements about him lies. He’s accused Adam Schiff, Robert Mueller, E. Jean Carroll, James Comey, his niece Mary, and so many others of lying about him.

He’s never publicly responded to Noel Casler. However, If Casler releases a book that contains all the stories he’s already told, and more, that would be hard to ignore, and Trump could face a dilemma.

He’s currently facing a defamation lawsuit by E. Jean Carroll, after he called her a liar when she alleged that he sexually assaulted her. If he alleges that Noel Casler is lying, and Casler similarly responded with a defamation case, there could be a discovery phase, which might require anyone with evidence (say, the tapes that are alleged to exist of Trump’s bad behavior behind the scenes on Apprentice) to turn it over. The same is true if Trump tried to sue Casler for defamation — if there’s evidence, that could be an invitation for it to become public.

On the other hand, an attempt to enforce the NDA that Casler signed could be seen as an admission that some or all of the stories are true.

Whether or not the public ever sees evidence for them, Casler’s stories are definitely dramatic, scandalous, and shocking, and there’s little doubt a book full of them would draw public attention.

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