Noel Casler Says Donald Trump Won’t Go To Prison

After Joe Biden’s inauguration, Donald Trump could face serious legal repercussions. However, Noel Casler, who has become well-known for leaking information he says he learned in his time backstage at Celebrity Apprentice, doesn’t believe that Trump and his closest associates will face any legal consequences.

Could Trump go to prison? Noel Casler thinks not
[Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images]

Donald Trump is facing a series of legal difficulties, including defamation lawsuits from women he attacked for speaking publicly about their sexual assault experiences, and possible charges for financial crimes through the Southern District of New York. That’s aside from the Federal crimes that are speculated as possibilities, including, the Washington Post notes, obstruction of justice, campaign finance violations, bribery, conspiracy to defraud the American people, and Hatch Act violations.

Noel Casler, though, believes that people are getting their hopes up too high if they believe the president will actually face any serious consequences. He reminded his followers Monday that the system is set up to benefit those in power.

He also suggested that Trump and Kushner are likely to escape any serious consequences because they’ve gathered ‘kompromat,’ or compromising material, on other powerful people in high positions, and they’ll be offered protection to keep them from spilling the beans.

Trump doesn’t seem as confident in his safety from consequences though — he’s fighting hard to overturn the election results and stay in office, after losing both the popular vote and the electoral college. He continues to publicly claim that the election was ‘rigged’ and ‘stolen’ as he tries to convince other officials to help alter the outcome in his favor.

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