Noel Casler Explains Why He’s Sure Donald Trump’s COVID-19 Test Is Not A Lie

Since the announcement of Donald Trump’s positive test results for COVID-19, public speculation has been widespread. One theory floated by some voters is that the president faked a positive test for any of several reasons. Noel Casler released a statement Friday to explain why he doesn’t see this as a likely possibility.

Noel Casler says Donald Trump's diagnosis is real
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Why would people think that Trump was lying about his test results? For many voters, questioning anything the president says has just become instinct.

Or, to ask it another way, what would be a reason for Trump (or any leader) to fake a COVID-19 diagnosis? Reasons have been floated ranging from a distraction from other issues, to debate avoidance, sympathy votes, or to ‘prove’ the effectiveness of a vaccine or cure by saying, in a few days or weeks, that he took it (hydroxychloroquine, for example) and is better.

However, Noel Casler, who has made a name for himself as a purveyor of information and insight from his time working backstage with Trump on Celebrity Apprentice, is speaking out to say this is unlikely. In a video statement Friday, Casler pointed out the effect on the stock market, and that Trump would hate to appear weak.

They wouldn’t say that he had it unless he had it. The damage that it could do to the stock market, and just the overall image of being weak when they sort of pretended it was a hoax, and he refused to wear a mask.

Casler also believes that with Trump’s health and other factors, things could get bad quickly. He suggested that the president should have been taken to the hospital, but that “bravado” could be interfering with that decision, and predicted that a middle-of-the-night rush to Walter Reid Medical Center could be in the cards.

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