Noel Casler Claims Melania Trump Has A Stunt Double

The White House is like reality tv right now, says Noel Casler, whose revelations about Donald Trump and his family have been making headlines since before the presidency began. Now Casler, who knows the First Family from his time on the set of The Apprentice, says that Melania Trump has a stand-in who makes public appearances in her stead.

Does Melania Trump have a double?
[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)\]

Saturday night, social media reeled with the news, reported by CNN, that Michael Cohen’s book would tell the story of Trump hiring an actor to play Barack Obama in a short video in which Trump would berate the then-president, and fire him. A video clip that appears to fit the description quickly surfaced.

Noel Casler responded to the news by suggesting that if people could believe Trump had hired a “faux-Bama,” they should have no trouble recognizing that there is also a fake Melania Trump, who serves as a stunt double for some appearances.

He says that the difference is clearly visible in some photos, but that the press ‘plays along’ with the White House’s show-biz antics.

It’s not the first time someone has claimed that someone in the White House has doubles. In July, a conspiracy theorist floated the idea that there are at least three people playing the role of Donald Trump — and that they’ve prevented assassination attempts. Cristen Weldon took it far into conspiracy territory, though, rather than the basic showbiz behavior Casler describes, claiming that the Trumps could be identified by tie color: “The blue-tie Trump is a happy clone that’s very good at golf, the yellow-tie Trump is not that smart, and the real Trump usually is the red-tie Trump.”

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