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‘Nobody Wants to Help’ Madison Cawthorn After Failed Attempt to Change Districts Puts Re-Election Bid ‘At Risk’

‘Nobody Wants to Help’ Madison Cawthorn After Failed Attempt to Change Districts Puts Re-Election Bid ‘At Risk’

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) is trying to keep his seat in Congress, but a failed attempt at a last-minute change to move districts now has backfired, putting his campaign for re-election at risk.

A new report from The Daily Beast explains that Cawthorn had announced in November he was leaving North Carolina’s 11th District to run in an even more conservative district near Charlotte which had been newly drawn up by state legislators. However, a state court undid the new congressional map and forced Cawthorn to move back to the district he had just left. The problem is, Cawthron had urged local GOP chair Michele Woodhouse to run for his old seat. But now that he’s back, he wants her to drop out. And not only isn’t that going to happen, but Cawthorn is facing plenty of other challengers now as well.

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In fact, Cawthorn is up against nearly a half-dozen viable challengers, including a respected state Senator, Chuck Edwards. Voters in Cawthorn’s original district feel betrayed by his abandonment and see his return as nothing more than a desperate grab to stay in Congress.


Cawthorn’s grandstanding antics frequently make national headlines — and draws the occasional rebuke from GOP leadership — by calling Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy a “thug,” claiming he transported “multiple weapons” to the Jan. 6 insurrection, repeatedly driving on a suspended license and calling House speaker Nancy Pelosi an alcoholic — and that’s just this month.

Michele Woodhouse says she’s been asked to stand her ground in the race against Cawthorn. “When he decided to come back in, my phone blew up with calls — from within the district, across North Carolina, elected officials from D.C. — saying, ‘You have to stay in the race,’” Woodhouse said.

Cawthorn’s antics and his failed bid to change districts have left voters with the feeling that he’s more interested in his perch in Congress than representing the constituents who sent him there, and congressional Republicans have already run out of patience with the freshman lawmaker. “Nobody wants his help,” said a senior GOP aide. “Nobody wants to help him.”

The full report at the Daily Beast (subscriber-only).

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