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No, VP Harris Isn’t Giving Her Books to Migrant Kids. But Former Trumpers Keep Getting Book Deals.

No, VP Harris Isn’t Giving Her Books to Migrant Kids. But Former Trumpers Keep Getting Book Deals.

New York Post contributor Laura Italiano recently wrote an expose for the tabloid about Vice President Kamala Harris handing out copies of her children’s book to migrant kids being held in detention centers at the border. The right-wing media ran with it, excoriating the Vice President and questioning whether she received any money for the books, and from whom. It ate up a decent amount of the news cycle during a time when the conservative media has to fabricate outrage to keep their audience satisfied.

The problem is, the story was entirely fabricated by the Post. Laura Italiano tweeted that she had resigned her position over the piece, revealing she had been forced to write it despite voicing her strong objections to the assignment.

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The story, which appeared on the cover, was called “Kam On In.” It claimed that Vice President Harris, though she wasn’t at the border, had ordered copies of her children’s book for abandoned kids who were there. It made it seem like Harris had ordered hundreds of her books at the government’s expense. In fact, there was one copy of her book at a Long Beach, California facility.

After Italiano complained, an addendum was later added that read: “The original version of this article said migrant kids were getting Harris’ book in a welcome kit, but has been updated to note that only one known copy of the book was given to a child.” But it was typical of the Post’s way of bending the news, writing fiction, creating stories to make one side look bad.

It’s astonishing to see this level of subterfuge when the RNC is guilty of essentially creating a book farm of their own thanks to their relationship with publishing giant Simon and Schuster. It was just announced on Wednesday that former Kellyanne Conway is now a member of the Trump Crime Syndicate Book Club along with fellow newcomers Amy Coney Barrett and Mike Pence.

Twitter certainly enjoyed dragging the conservatives who ran with the lie.

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