“No Room For Individual Thought” Republican Says Young People Won’t Want To Join Trump’s GOP

The Republican Party has become the Party of Trump, and many legislators have made it clear they intend for it to stay that way. Representative Jamie Herrera Beutler is one of the outliers. She says it’s time to steer the GOP in a different direction, because a personality cult isn’t drawing in new voters.

[Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call]

Politico describes Herrera Beutler as having spent 12 years in the House steering clear of controversy, only to blow that reputation by speaking up about Trump’s actions on January 6th. She shared information about his role in the insurrection attempt, including information about his phone call with Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

In a long tweet thread, some of which is reproduced below, she was very candid about Trump’s guilt in the inciting the mob.

She also voted for his impeachment, becoming a minority among her GOP colleagues.

She’s still standing by her actions, and says it’s necessary to steer the GOP in a different direction, away from Trump. “Right now, when you talk with millennials and younger, I don’t know that they want to join this club. Like, it doesn’t seem like a fun party, right? There’s no room for individual thought.”

“Millennials and younger” is a significant demographic, considering that ‘millennial’ is a grouping whose oldest members will turn 40 this year. A Brookings Institute analysis of Census data last year noted that “millennials and younger” now makes up over half of the U.S. population. Of course, that’s not half the voting population — the U.S. Census shows (PDF) almost a quarter of the entire population is still too young to vote.

Still, if a full quarter of right-leaning voters avoid the GOP over Trump worship, as Herrera Beutler warns, that could be enough to hit the party hard, as already shown in the 2020 Presidential Election.

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