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No Republican Lawmaker Willing to “Meet the Press”

No Republican Lawmaker Willing to “Meet the Press”

fake sites highlight gop hypocrisy, treason

All 53 Republican senators and their 197 colleagues in the House, individually and collectively seeking to write the final chapters of their “Profile in Courage,” rejected invitations to appear yesterday on “Meet the Press” or any of the other Sunday morning talk shows.

NBC News put out the word in this tweet: “We invited early single Republican senator to appear on Meet the Press this morning. They all declined.”

Show host Chuck Todd made that point as part of the introduction of his interview with Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchison, who apparently was the highest profile member of the GOP who was willing to go on television and answer questions about whether they believe Joe Biden won the election.

Hutchinson became only the second GOP governor to admit the reality that Donald Trump lost the presidential election to Joe Biden. Maryland’s Larry Hogan is the other.

“It is important that we accept the outcome of the election,” Hutchinson said. “We need to come together as a nation. The Department of Homeland Security indicated this week there’s no evidence of rampant fraud in the election that would undermine the result. We’ve got to come together … accept the result and pull together as a nation.”

It wasn’t just Todd who was shunned. According to a list compiled by Politico, not one single member of Congress, senators or members of the House, appeared on any of the major network Sunday morning talk shows. That’s practically unheard of, considering how politicians on both sides of the aisle generally will do anything to get in front of a camera and a national audience.

The reason: it’s become increasingly difficult for them to publicly support Trump’s contention that the election was “rigged” and that he actually won a second term.

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