“No Policy, Just Puff” AOC Details Ted Cruz’s Hypocrisy

Ted Cruz seems to think he can Twitter troll Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and somehow make himself look good. Instead, the Democratic Representative responded to his tweet, called out his hypocrisy, and made it clear he’s messing with the wrong person.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]


Republicans, who determinedly ignored the Trump Administrations cruelty-is-the-point policies at the border, are now suddenly flocking to Texas for photo ops and to declare a “Biden Border Crisis.” Ocasio-Cortez was calling this behavior out on Twitter when Ted Cruz decided to put his two cents in.

AOC, who has been consistent in demanding better at the border, and has criticized Biden, too, for not doing more to restore separated families and get kids out of cages, tweeted evidence of this, in the form of a Guardian article describing the split between ‘the squad’ and Democrats who supported legislation on border security.

However, she said, while she might not agree with some in her own party on border matters, Republicans who attack Biden on border security without offering better policies are part of the problem, and that border patrol and ICE aren’t the answer to any problems.

Cruz, perhaps thinking he heard his name, jumped to respond. He used the hashtag “#BidenBorderCrisis” in case anyone wasn’t clear that he was doing exactly what AOC was describing, and misrepresented her as saying that Democrats’ position is “abolish ICE, full open borders.”

While Republicans continue to claim that Biden has “opened the borders,” the truth is that his administration continues to send back most adults, but merely refuses to leave unaccompanied children alone on the other side of the border to fend for themselves.

Ocasio-Cortez, of course, didn’t miss a beat. She quickly reminded Cruz of a few things. First, when Texas was in crisis, he supported his own family’s freedom to make a border crossing to find electricity and comfort. Second, he supported placing kids in cages under the Trump Administration — but wants to cry “border crisis” now that it’s politically advantageous for him.

Cruz joined a group of other right-wing politicians in making trips to the border this month, where he pretended to face horrors from drug cartels while on a Border Patrol boat.

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