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“No One Had My Back” College Cop Who Had KKK Member in Twitter Bio Complains About Being Fired

“No One Had My Back” College Cop Who Had KKK Member in Twitter Bio Complains About Being Fired

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Conservative media pundits have spent much of the year decrying cancel culture. You know, when someone loses their job or reputation for doing something monstrously stupid on camera or on social media. To other people, it’s just displaying the smallest bit of common sense.

A police officer at the University of South Florida, Presley Garcia, was recently fired. It was disovered that she claimed she was a KKK member in her Twitter bio. Garcia is now whining that people within the police force didn’t have her back.

Chris Daniel, the Chief of the USF Police Deparment explained why he had to fire her last week. “If, despite her self-indicated alignment with the KKK, Officer Garcia were to continue her employment as a law enforcement officer, it is reasonable to expect protests and other demonstrations that could disrupt operations of this department and threaten the safety of her co-workers.”

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After the decision, Garcia told the Tampa Bay Times, “There’s all the talk of ‘Back the Blue,’ but not one person had my back. I feel helpless and like I’m drowning. No one was willing to just listen to my story, and I feel like the university was just trying to cover their butts.”

The fired officer also felt that since the incident happened when she was 21, she shouldn’t be punished for it now. “The agency failed me,” she said. “It’s very hurtful that something from a long time ago that I didn’t even do has completely destroyed my career. … There’s no way I’d ever be a part of that group. I wasn’t raised that way.”

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