No Evidence Of Fraud: Judge Throws Out Trump Campaign Lawsuit In Georgia

Donald Trump’s 2020 Presidential Campaign team is pushing lawsuits in a few key states where election outcomes may be unfavorable. In Georgia, one such suit has already been thrown out of court for lack of evidence.

[Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images]

Donald Trump has been claiming that the election was fraught with fraud since well before the election actually even began. He’s claimed that mailed ballots open the door to massive fraudulent operations, claimed that fake ballots would be filled out and added to counts to steal the election for Democrats, and since vote counts have been underway, has called for them to stop.

According to Law & Crime, his Georgia lawsuit was to prevent absentee ballots received after the deadline from being counted. Trump has claimed throughout his campaign that mailed ballots are subject to fraud. He has claimed since election day that states are “finding” ballots, although the ballots aren’t “surprise dumps” or newly located, just another portion of the legal vote.

In this case, Judge James Bass threw out the lawsuit after it became clear that no one was actually alleging any evidence of any illegal activity.

A poll watcher, Sean Pumphrey, who had made an allegation about one stack of ballots, didn’t actually claim to have witnessed any improper handling, or any evidence that the ballots were in any way illegal.

Testimony was received from election officials affirming that the ballots were received on time, as required by law.

Donald Trump tweeted that any votes received after election day will not be counted — which is absolutely untrue. In several states, court rulings have already affirmed that ballots received after election day — with varying deadlines and circumstances — may still be counted.

In Georgia, however, the law forbids accepting absentee ballots after 7 pm on election day, and Trump has offered no evidence whatsoever to indicate that law has been violated.

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