No Duh: Lindsey Graham Says Trump Has “Damage to Repair” if He Runs in 2024

The Republican members of the House of Representatives are all in on Donald Trump. The group ousted Liz Cheney from power for having the audacity to speak out against the former president. And Speaker Kevin McCarthy has shown essentially no interest on sticking up for himself.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Things are different in the US senate. 7 GOP members voted for Trump’s conviction during the 2nd impeachment trial. And Mitch McConnell has all but said that Republicans are ready to move on without the 45th president. Lindsey Graham, though, is still Trump’s biggest supporter.

Following the January insurrection, the South Carolina senator claimed that he and Trump had a good ride but that he’s now “out.” He changed his mind soon afterwards and recently held a big money golf fundraiser with the former president.

At the very least, Graham is willing to acknowledge that Trump has done a great deal of damage to the country. He told Fox’s Sean Hannity last night, “I would look at what President Trump did and choose that as my way forward.”

The sycophantic senator continued:

“It should be an America First agenda and if President Trump runs, he’s going to have some damage to repair, but I think he’s in great shape to win the primary and could get reelected. And my question is, if he’s the nominee would you support him? I would like to hear a lot of people answer that question.”

Watch a clip of the comments below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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