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No Ambiguity Here: ‘Our People Hate the Right People,’ Boasts GOP Senate Candidate

No Ambiguity Here: ‘Our People Hate the Right People,’ Boasts GOP Senate Candidate

Republican United States Senate Candidate James David (JD) Vance of Ohio said in an interview with The American Conservative on Monday that his and the right-wing movement’s key to victory is that they “hate the right people.”

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Vance has aligned himself with the white nationalist faction of the GOP that comprises former President Donald Trump’s base, although Trump has not endorsed Vance’s candidacy.

“I think that any national project has to be on some level exclusionary,” Vance said about his political ambitions, which tap into the feeling of rural white grievance. “The thing that I worry about, and that a lot of people I’m working with worry about, is that if we fail, it will be because the American regime itself is too turned against the communities that I came from.”

The author of the article, James Pogue, explained further:

I asked him to describe the contours of this regime. He thought for a minute. ‘My basic intuition is that about 20 percent of American children recognize that what they will be judged on is whether they get into an elite college,’ he said. ‘And about 80 percent of American children have no idea. And I think if that’s the thing you have in your mind, if you’re in that family and you’re in that orbit, then to me that’s the biggest thing.’

There is something very strange about the idea of an Ohio Senate primary becoming a beachhead for an insurgency by meritocrats against a regime defined by its participation in the meritocracy. It’s a curious fact of this political moment that the people who seem most convinced that elite mingling at elite schools is the cause of our national crisis are all people who went to, and profited from, these schools themselves. He said he saw American society as divided into this regime, reactionaries like himself, and a broad and confused non-aligned faction. “’I don’t think there’s a common ground between the reactionaries and the regime,’ he said. ‘One of them has to win.’

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Vance believes that “American politics is either going to be a place of permanent, effectively institutionalized civil war that ends in genuinely bad things, or the American right is able to assemble a coalition of populists and traditionalists into something that can genuinely overthrow the modern ruling class. There is no way to get to where I want to go with 52 percent of the vote. It has to be much bigger than that.”

At the conclusion of their conversation, Vance proclaimed that “I think our people hate the right people” forms the bedrock of his campaign.

Read the full interview here.

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