NJ Rep. Pascrell is Trying to Get Giuliani and 22 Other Trump Lawyers Disbarred

Once he realized that he had lost the election, Donald Trump quickly dispatched a team of lawyers to attempt to overturn the results. A few prominent law firms participated at first, but quickly left Trump after experiencing severe backlash. Now, the president’s legal efforts are being led by Rudy Giuliani and a less than impressive team.

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The lawyer’s results have been horrible. Judges have dismissed case after case. The Trump legal team has also suffered mockery for their slapdash attempts at attacking democracy. Bill Pascrell thinks the lawyers should be facing more than just embarrassment. The New Jersey congressman is calling for all 23 of them to be disbarred.

Pascrell wrote to the legal bar authorities in Arizona, Michigan Nevada, New York and Pennsylvania. The letter read:

“We lives together in extraordinary and increasingly dangerous national circumstances. At present, our sitting president has refused to accept the outcome of the national election and is attacking the integrity of our electoral system to keep himself in power. The pattern of behavior by these individuals to effectuate Mr. Trump’s sinister arson is a danger not just to our legal system but is also unprecedented in our national life. In carrying out that perversion, they have clearly violated the Rules of Professional Conduct they swore to uphold and should face the severest sanction your body can mete out: revocation of their law licensures.”

The New Jersey congressman has also called for an investigation into Donald Trump and his administration’s crimes once the president leaves office.


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