NJ Gov. Says Voters Will Forget About Jeff Van Drew

A blue wave washed over the state of New Jersey during the 2018 midterms. The state stood as one of the most liberal in America with a Democratic governor, 2 Democratic senators and 14 of 15 Democratic congresspeople. Congressman Jeff Van Drew, though, will be changing that number as he will reportedly be switching parties from Democrat to Republican.

Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Democrats have largely taken his defection in stride and will not bemoan his departure. Just this weekend, the State governor, Phil Murphy, said that the Rep. wont be missed and that New Jersey voters don’t appreciate a lawmaker who “cuts and runs.”

The New Jersey governor was asked about the defection over the weekend. He said of the New Jersey District 2 congressman, “If he does what everyone is signaling, he’s putting politics over the Constitution. I think it’s that simple. He’s putting cuteness over courage. This is a guy who is reading some set of tea leaves where he thinks if he going to have to take the position he’s taking, he can’t find his way to re-election. I think it’s ridiculous.”

Murphy then said that New Jersey is clearly becoming more blue and that this move by Van Drew makes little political sense. He continued, “Last year in the midterm elections, we won four of the five Republican seats at that point–including the one Jeff Van Drew occupies. I am very optimistic with the right candidate and the right emphasis and force behind that candidate, we can win it in 2020 and we will.”


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