Nikki Haley Threatens Popcorn Company Over Late Deliveries as GOP Tries to Sabotage Post Office

The United States Post Office has recently become a popular topic of conversation in Washington DC. Donald Trump’s choice for Postmaster General, Louie DeJoy, has been accused of enacting policies meant to sabotage the service.

Photo Credit: US Military

Many Americans have noticed that their mail is coming to them days and even weeks later than usual. Democrats have asked DeJoy to come in and explain himself. Nikki Haley must not have heard about any of this. On Monday, the former Trump administration member took to Twitter to blame a popcorn company for it’s late packages.

The former South Carolina governor tweeted this morning, “Ok Popcorn Factory, two messed up birthday orders missed delivery dates with no explanation. First time I gave you the benefit of the doubt. Second one tells me not to buy from you again.”

Of course, there may have been other reasons that the package was late that had nothing to do with the company. A number of postal employees have admitted to being overwhelmed by DeJoy’s new policies and unable to meet delivery dates.

Donald Trump was asked about the way the Post Office is currently operating on Saturday night. He told reporters in April, “We want our Post Office to be successful. We don’t want it to be a laughingstock and a stupidly run organization.”


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