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Nike Sales Are Again Way Up Following Conservative Boycott

Nike Sales Are Again Way Up Following Conservative Boycott

Conservatives, especially President Donald Trump, have been heavily critical of Colin Kaepernick and his demonstrations against racism. The former Quarterback drew their ire again this week when a Nike shoe was pulled upon his recommendation. Republican stalwarts like Ted Cruz and Laura Ingraham declared their intention to never buy a Nike product again.

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This situation is similar to one that occurred last fall when Nike ran an ad featuring Kaepernick. Despite a Conservative boycott against the shoe company, Nike sales increased following the campaign. It appears the same result has happened again as Nike sales have surged following the removal of the Betsy Ross flag shoe.

According to tmz.com, “Since Nike pulled the plug on the sneakers following Kaepernick’s objections earlier this week, Nike shares have seen a 2 percent increase since Tuesday, adding nearly $3 BILLION to the shoe giant’s market value.”

Businessman and Shark Tank star, Kevin O’Leary explained why the controversy over the shoe could be beneficial to Nike. “What I’m beginning to learn about Nike is that know how to take controversy and blow it up into advertising,” he said. “They do an incredible job of that.”

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The business guru continued, “They run it (the campaign) for two days long, they learn how to do it. If you’re a skeptic like me, you realize that this is an incredible marketing machine. They made a mistake and at the same time, they are taking advantage of it.”

Some of the Betsy Ross flag shoes did leak out into the marketplace. They are currently selling online for upwards of $2,500.

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