Niece Mary’s Book Could Stop Donald Trump’s Re-Election, ‘Art Of The Deal’ Author Says

Tony Schwartz, co-author of Donald Trump’s book, Art Of The Deal, thinks that Mary Trump’s book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, could be the blow that devastates the president’s chances of re-election. He also thinks there’s an important lesson for society in Trump, and his childhood.

mary trump could end donald's presidency
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Tony Schwartz appeared on MSNBC Wednesday evening to discuss ghostwriting for Trump, and the effect that Mary Trump’s new book, coming out next week, will have on the president. “I see this as one more tipping point in the descent of Donald Trump, and I do think it will have a big impact,” he says, “Not just because it’s a family member who this up close, but because she does bring a psychologist’s perspective to this.”

The ‘one more tipping point’ aspect is key – throughout Trump’s presidency, there have been moments and revelations that were described by his critics as the event that could end his presidency. Schwartz doesn’t suggest the book is the single factor that will change everything, but one more important step in what he calls “the accumulation.”

He says he doesn’t believe the important story in Mary Trump’s book is not stories of bad behavior from the uncle who would become the 45th president of the United States — “we know all of this kind of stuff already” — but the deep dive into his childhood, and the insight into how childhood trauma, neglect, and abuse, shape “very disturbed human beings acting out in the ways that Trump has. Add the money into that, and now he’s got a platform and we’re all suffering for it.”

Schwartz isn’t excusing Trump, who he says still has an obligation to the social contract, but warning that childhood trauma does have effects, and that it’s something we should be working harder to prevent in future generations.

He’s been very candid about his feelings about Trump, and Mary’s book, saying that it, and Trump’s expected response to it, only prove that the president is a loser who would never have had any success without his father’s money and name to finance him, and that he’s a liar who will soon be raining attacks on his own family.

Schwartz has announced a book of his own coming out in August, titled My Mother, Trump, and Me, and while he hasn’t released any details of the contents, a keynote speech he once gave (PDF archived at the University of Michigan here) describes his feelings about his own upbringing and how it resulted in the adulthood that brought him into contact with Donald Trump.

Mary Trump’s book is scheduled for release on Tuesday.

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