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Nicolle Wallace: If Bolton Testifies, Trump Will be Impeached

Nicolle Wallace: If Bolton Testifies, Trump Will be Impeached

A number of White House administration members have appeared before congress during the Trump impeachment inquiry. A lot of their testimony has been quite damning to the President. One important administration member, John Bolton, has not decided whether or not he will appear before the committee.

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Nicolle Wallace believes Bolton’s decision of whether or not to testify could be incredibly consequential for the President. According to the MSNBC host, the former National Security Advisers words could compel a senate vote to remove Trump.

During Monday’s Deadline: White House program, panelist John Heilemann said, “I think so much now hinges in a way on John Bolton.”

Wallace concurred with the sentiment and took it a step further. “I am reluctant to say this out loud because I don’t want to put anything in the water that could disincentivize John Bolton from testifying, but I believe he is the difference between conviction and no conviction in the Senate,” she said.

Another panelist, Rick Wilson, explained why testimony from Bolton would hold weight with GOP lawmakers. “Bolton has a symbolic value that transcends the Trump administration,” he said. “Because basically who is left in the Trump Administration? A bunch of nobodies and dead-enders.”

Like Wilson, Wallace was also a former member of the Republican party. She continued on Bolton, “To understand what he is to Republican foreign policy, he is what[Antonin] Scalia was to conservative judicial philosophy. Going into this White House, he legitimized an otherwise reckless and ignorant and uninformed president.”

Watch the segment here, courtesy of MSNBC:

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