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Nicolle Wallace: COVID Epidemic is Like a 9/11 Every Two Days

Nicolle Wallace: COVID Epidemic is Like a 9/11 Every Two Days

The country didn’t see 9/11 coming. There had been terrorist attacks in the past, but the actual 2001 attack was completely unprecedented.

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 22: Nicole Wallace attends the 11th Annual Rosie’s Theater Kids Benefit Gala at the New York Marriott Marquis on September 22, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Wendell Teodoro/WireImage)

And while doctors and scientists predicted that there could be a global pandemic, COVID-19 kind of came out of nowhere too. But now, there is a vaccine that won’t prevent catching COVID but is effective in preventing serious illness.

Unfortunately, thanks to Donald Trump and his GOP enablers, millions of people have refused to get vaccinated. During a remembrance of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Nicolle Wallace noted that as many people are dying every two day as those who died in the attack.

Williams asked, “Are you ever struck by the thought that on the 40th, 50th anniversary we will look back, perhaps, at some of these pictures and be reminded, oh, yeah, that’s when we were all wearing masks? That’s when even our presidents and former presidents had to wear masks in public because of our uncontrolled pandemic in 2021?”

The MSNBC host responded:

“Well, I think there are so many parallels to how much more difficult it is to do any of the things that anyone who has spoken today has done, to call the country to a higher purpose. You’ve got politicians and prominent folks in the media outraged by steps that a president, not too many presidents after the one we heard from today, would try to save his country from an unthinkable death toll. As many people die every two days as died on September 11th in this country, who don’t have to die.”

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