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NFL Stars Post $50K Bond for Undocumented Immigrant Detained by ICE

NFL Stars Post $50K Bond for Undocumented Immigrant Detained by ICE

Washington Redskins Cornerback Josh Norman and New Orleans Saints Linebacker DeMario Davis have taken a special interest in the plight of immigrants. In June of this year, Norman made a sizable donation to migrants being held in detention camps.

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The duo have now come to the aid of another immigrant, 22 year-old student, Jose Bello. Norman and Davis, along with the New York Immigrant Freedom Fund and the National Bail Network Fund posted Bello’s $50,000 bond after he was detained by ICE.

The student, who is undocumented, also works on a farm in California. In May of this year, Bello read a poem about the plight of undocumented immigrants at a board meeting in Kern County. He was arrested by ICE two days later.

The poem read, in part, “I’m here to let you know, we want to feel safe — whether we’re Brown, Asian, or Black. We don’t want your jobs. We don’t want your money. We’re here to work hard, pay taxes, and study.”

The two football players heard of his story and decided to help the student. Norman said of the act, “If he was detained for reciting a peaceful poem then we should really ask ourselves, are our words truly free? This is America right? Where the 1st Amendment is freedom of speech unless I missed the memo somewhere. He was exercising that right.”

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Davis echoed Norman’s words, saying, “With a lot of these cases, people can’t afford to post bail. So you have things like in Mississippi, where [680] people were rounded up by ICE, and a lot of kids went to school that day and came home and their parents were gone. Everybody knows that’s a messed-up situation, and they wonder what they can do. Well, you can donate to these national organizations that are providing funds to help with bail for these people.”


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