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NFL Star Josh Norman Makes Significant Donation to Help Children in Migrant Detention

NFL Star Josh Norman Makes Significant Donation to Help Children in Migrant Detention

In the past, many athletes kept completely out of politics as a way to avoid turning off fans. Since Donald Trump took office, however, more and more athletes have taken overt political stances. In addition to frequently skipping White House trips, professional players have made points of using their salaries to combat the President.

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Washington Cornerback, Josh Norman and New Orleans Linebacker, Demario Davis wanted to help migrant children being held at the border. The Washington Redskin recently made a large donation to a charity that would directly help the detainees.

Norman made his donation in person on Thursday afternoon, giving $18,000 to Catholic Charities. The organization wrote in a tweet, “Kudos to Josh Norman with the Washington Redskins for visiting the humanitarian respite center/McAllen today & contributing to our response to restore human dignity.”

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The pair had also visited a number of the Texas detention centers back in April. At the time, Norman said, “You see what’s going on and it’s sad and it’s a bit of an oppression. It really is because you’re going through, you walk through and you see those halls and the rooms and how many people are just packed on top of each other.”

Davis further explained the point of the trip, “We don’t come at it from a political standpoint, we come at it from a right versus wrong standpoint. We’re all human beings — no matter where you come from, no matter what culture you represent, no matter what ethnicity you’re in, no matter what status

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