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Newt Gingrich Suspended From Twitter for Racist Tweets

Newt Gingrich Suspended From Twitter for Racist Tweets

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich (GA) was suspended from Twitter for making false and racist statements about immigrants and COVID-19.

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“If there is a covid surge in Texas the fault will not be Governor Abbott’s comon [sic] sense reforms. The greatest threat of a covid surge comes from Biden’s untested illegal immigrants pouring across the border. We have no way of knowing how many of them are bringing covid with them,” Gingrich tweeted of Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to fully reopen his state.

The naughty tweet has since been deleted and replaced with “This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules.” Gingrich’s account, meanwhile, is still active.


A spokesperson for the social media giant told Mediaite in an email that “the account you referenced is temporarily locked for violating our hateful conduct policy.”

On Friday morning, Gingrich appeared on Mornings With Maria on Fox Business to whine and receive consolation from host Maria Bartiromo, who like Gingrich has proudly promulgated ex-President Donald Trump’s vicious lies – particularly on the topics of immigration and the coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday’s show, Bartiromo had asked Gingrich to comment on the passage of House Resolution 1, the For the People Act – a landmark voting rights and election integrity bill that was universally opposed by congressional Republicans.

Instead of answering the question, Gingrich chose to play the victim.

“I just got suspended by Twitter, so I’m part of the censored group because I did a tweet saying that having illegal immigrants come in without any controls is a public health issue in the time of COVID. So I just want to report, I’m part of the same effort by Twitter to censor the country on its own terms,” Gingrich lamented.

“Unbelievable. You’ve been suspended from Twitter now. Who put these companies in charge of being the arbiter of truth? What you tweeted is absolutely true. We had a COVID threat because of all of those people who had Covid who came into the country illegally. So what’s untrue about what you said?” Bartiromo replied.

Watch here via Mediaite.

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Twitter is a private company and it has the right to dictate the content that appears on its platform. Trump learned that lesson the hard way when the site permanently banned him following the January 6th siege on the United States Capitol.

Gingrich’s partisan hypocrisy is pretty remarkable, given that numerous red states such as Texas are – again – relaxing mask mandates.

More importantly, his claims were wrong.

Reason, a libertarian-leaning publication, blasted Gingrich and other conservative lawmakers and pundits for wasting time on the wrong problem:

It is simply bonkers to argue that admitting ‘hundreds’ of COVID-positive asylum seekers poses a grave ‘public health issue,’ let alone that it will by itself cause a COVID-19 ‘surge,’ in a country with millions of active carriers, all of whom are just as free to disregard quarantine advice. Abbott likewise is weirdly fixated on an infinitesimal share of people infected by the coronavirus. If he is guilty of ‘Neanderthal thinking,’ this is a much better example than his decision to lift the face mask mandate.

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