Newt Gingrich Say Biden Win Would “End America As We Know It”

Newt Gingrich, in an opinion piece for Fox News, says that for Donald Trump to lose in his re-election bid would be the “end [of] America as we know it.” His piece was a call to all the Republican voters who say they can’t support Trump any longer.

Newt Gingrich plugs Joe Biden presidency
[Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images]

A political action committee known as the Lincoln Project and led by several prominent Republicans is releasing ads and information intended to sway the conservative vote. They believe that Trump is bad for America, that it was a mistake for Republican leadership to ever accept and support him, and that now, he must be removed in the November election.

As the election nears, there’s clearly some concern in the Trump camp that the incumbent could lose to Democrat Joe Biden.

In a Fox op-ed, Newt Gingrich added his own fears to this over the weekend, saying, “Our choice in November will not be between President Trump and President Perfection. It will be between President Trump and a nightmare that would end America as we have known it.”

He claims that if Trump loses, abortions will be paid with tax dollars, all undocumented immigrants will become legal, and serial killers would be released from prison.

In truth, the HEROES act that he’s attempting to describe would do the following:

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the primary effect on immigrants would be to expedite temporary work visas and temporarily defer (not stop) deportation.

The ACLU notes that those deemed vulnerable, including inmates over 50, could be released from prisons, but be placed in home confinement, or another type of confinement, outside of a fully populated prison.

The HEROES act (which can be read in full here PDF) would include funding to medical centers, as the U.S. government already does.

Gingrich says that under Biden, the U.S. would be subject to a takeover by antifa, short for antifascism, and would rejoin the Paris climate accord, and would “meet its full funding obligation to the World Health Organization.” Gingrich has a new book coming out next week that he says will detail many more policies we can expect under President Joe Biden.

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