Newt Gingirch Says Sanders Nom. Would be the Greatest Gift Dems Could Give GOP

Bernie Sanders has surged ahead of the Democratic nomination field and is now considered the front-runner. Polling shows Sanders not to be just popular with liberals, but also to be a strong challenger to Donald Trump. A number of different polls have shown the Vermont senator handily beating the current president.

Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force

Newt Gingrich, feels that the support for Sanders is actually all a mirage. The former Speaker of the House said in a Fox News interview this weekend that a Sanders nomination would spell doom for Democrats in 2020.

During a Friday segment, Gingrich said, “I don’t want to be presumptive, so I would say that Sanders has a very distant possibility of winning, but has a much greater likelihood of taking the entire Democratic ticket down, ending [Nancy] Pelosi’s speakership.”

The former Georgia lawmaker continued by saying that he didn’t find Sanders’ campaign promises realistic. “Bernie Sanders essentially is a bumper sticker,” remarked Gingrich. “It is a ‘Gosh, I’d love a nice future where I didn’t have to pay back my student loans, where everything was free, where somebody took care of me.”

Gingrich ended by saying no Democrat could stand up to the reach of Donald Trump’s twitter feed. He finished, “The problem that he’s going to have, as any Democrat will have, is when you run into Donald Trump, you’re running into somebody who’s willing to go head on, who uses the power of his enormous Twitter following, which is larger than the three networks combined. I think ultimately, as I said a while ago, Bernie Sanders literally could be exactly the choice the country should face, because then we have the real debate.”

Trump has 72 million Twitter followers. Former President Barack Obama has 113 million. A large amount of Trump’s followers are thought to be fake, with estimates ranging anywhere from 20-60%.

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