Newsmax’s Greg Kelly: Alexander Vindman is a Drama Queen Who Colluded With the Deep State to Get Trump

Greg Kelly once had a promising media career. The son of former New York City police chief was one of the hosts of Good Day New York alongside Rosanna Scotto.

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But the last few years have not been kind to Kelly and he now find’s himself hosting a show on Newsmax. And in an effort to draw viewers away from Fox News, the host has become more and more extreme in his comments. Who could forget the time he criticized Joe Biden’s dog? Or when he whined about his co-workers not inviting him on a trip?

Recently, Kelly decided to target Alexander Vindman, who blew the whistle on Donald Trump’s efforts in Ukraine. The Newsmax host posted a picture of Vindman with his brother and father and tweeted, “What a bunch of Schlubs. IS this the waiting room at Jiffy Lube? No, it’s the Vindman family—you know, that drama Queen who colluded with the Deep State to get TRUMP. He’s now running around trying to remind everyone who he is. Today Fake News CBS hype his ‘book.'”

Vindman responded to the tweet, “I’m not Ted Cruz. I will not allow attacks on my wife and family go unanswered. Your attacks are even more pathetic than your pitiful attempts at notoriety.” 


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