Newsmax Propagandist Has Racist Meltdown Over Barack Obama’s Birthday Party

Newsmax host Greg Kelly threw a racist on-air temper tantrum on Tuesday because former President Barack Obama is having a birthday party. It was a grotesque display of manufactured rage, projection, and transference of what Kelly desperately needs his audience to forget – that everything conservatives accuse other people of doing, they are guilty of themselves – especially if they are named Donald Trump.

Screenshot/Crooks and Liars

“Barack Obama is 60! I stopped celebrating my birthday when I was 12. But some adults are really into it. So is he. How bout that spread?” Kelly began, referring to Obama’s estate in Martha’s Vineyard.

“Steven Spielberg is going to be there, we’re hearing George Clooney, Oprah, should be really really great – for him, for him. Everything is great for him. He’s a billionaire, and it just hit me today,” said Kelly.

Obama is not actually a billionaire, which underscores the stupidity of Kelly’s next accusation that Obama is lazy and has had everything handed to him.

So sayeth a conservative middle-aged white man who gets paid to report fake news.

“You know, he’s never really had a job. We all know he never broke a sweat as president. And how about on his way UP the ladder, huh?” Kelly continued. “Night school position at Chicago Law School. I don’t think he worked too hard there. How hard do you have to work on those books when you are the subject when you write about yourself? And I know being Mr. Michelle Obama was probably challenging at times, but basically, he’s had a very cake life, and right just may be the, uh, most interesting time of his life.”

Kelly then cut to an interview that Obama gave to Stephen Colbert in which Obama joked about having a “stand-in” to handle his responsibilities so that he could hang out “in my basement in my sweats.”

Kelly took Obama literally and told his viewers how angry he felt about Obama enjoying his life.

“Hmm, uh, a lot of people think that’s the arrangement that’s going on right now. See how pleased Stephen Colbert seemed to be with that? Uh, here’s what infuriates me about that and the birthday party. This man – we gave him all of the prestige in the world. The American people elected him twice, and what is he doing with all of that status, all of that power? He’s cashing in and throwing himself a ridiculous party,” Kelly griped.

He also blamed Obama for the violence in Chicago.

Watch below via Crooks and Liars:

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