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Newsmax Host Says Systemic Racism Can’t Be True Since Some Black Women Marry White Men

Newsmax Host Says Systemic Racism Can’t Be True Since Some Black Women Marry White Men

One thing conservative media really hates is admitting that racism is still deeply enmeshed in American institutions, even in 2022. When they argue against this established fact, they often end up revealing their own biases.

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Picking a POC and using some trait that person embodies, decision they have made, or success they have enjoyed, is a pretty popular argument from the right. We could go back, for instance, to Larry Kudlow claiming that systemic racism must be over, since Barack Obama received millions of “white votes” when he ran for president, as Business Insider reported at the time.

Newsmax host Greg Kelly takes this even further, though, placing the onus on prominent Black people, who he believes have disproven systemic racism by the choice some — a few he points out in particular — have made to marry white men.

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“All three of them are in great committed relationships, and love is love, it’s beautiful that they’ve found partners, I don’t care what race they are,” Kelly declares, before plunging into just how much he does care about it, and all the things he thinks are proven by the existence of interracial marriage (which, you’ll remember, was only affirmed by the Supreme Court in the late 60s — people who were denied the right to marry their spouse due to race are still alive to tell you their stories today.)

With the exception of Jonathan Capeheart, his targets are all women, and he quickly narrows his focus to “the two most prominent Black women in the country” — Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and Vice President Kamala Harris — even appearing to claim that the race of Justice Jackson’s husband didn’t come up in her confirmation hearings.

“That’s great, love is love, but it does undermine that whole notion,” he claims.

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