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Newsmax Host Racistly Accuses POTUS of ‘Waging War on the Suburbs’

Newsmax Host Racistly Accuses POTUS of ‘Waging War on the Suburbs’

Newsmax propagandist Grant Stinchfield went on a racist rant against immigrants on Thursday night and accused President Joe Biden of “waging a war on the suburbs” and actively trying to wreck the lives of supporters of former President Donald Trump.


“We know that Joe Biden is waging a war on Trump supporters, conservatives, and anyone who supports freedom. He wants all of us punished, and t is no coincidence that the unvaxxed are also under assault. Many of them are conservatives. Think about the war against them. Team Biden wants the unvaxxed destroyed, financially ruined even. It’s about stopping the spread alright – the spread of conservatism,” Stinchfield said on his show, Stinchfield.

After playing clips of news anchors and Doctor Anthony Fauci correctly criticizing anti-vaxxers for being irresponsible, Stinchfield declared that Biden’s real goal is the elimination of white people from suburban neighborhoods.

“You see, it’s about retribution, and it doesn’t end there, of course. The left wages war on religion and God. ‘How dare you submit to a higher power than the Democrat Party?’ We know Team Biden also despises the rule of law. It’s why they wage war on cops and the military, our first responders, anyone, who not coincidentally, wears a flag on their shoulder. Those men and women are dangerous to the left because they protect our freedoms and our safety. The left longs for total chaos and society’s total reliance on big government. Cops get in the way, but they want that reliance, right, on big government,” he said.

Cue the racism.

“It’s why Joe Biden is waging war on the suburbs – suburbs that are literally being invaded. It is an invasion of poverty – low-skilled, uneducated future Democrat voters. That invasion originates on our southern border, of course. Open border globalists like Team Biden will tell you the next round of 80,000 Haitians and who knows how many more Central Americans is about compassion, they say. It’s not. It’s about the battle to dilute your neighborhood in an effort to turn it into a city center,” Stinchfield stated.

Here’s what the mainstream media is not going to tell you,” he continued after airing clips of lawmakers decrying the mistreatment of migrants and asylum seekers at the southern border.

“All of this actually amounts to a war on minorities as rich, white, powerful Democrat elitists use those illegals for their own political gain and power grab. The fact is, the Democrats want to hold all people of color back,” Stinchfield added. “That battle starts in our nation’s underperforming schools. Pushing division, racist policies, all in the name of critical race theory. And here’s what may surprise you. Critical race theory, CR2, isn’t a war on white folks. It may seem that way, but this is really about making Blacks and Hispanics angry. Falsely teaching them that they are not good enough, that capitalism is somehow oppressive. It’s Democrat propaganda to keep minorities down and on the government dole. The mainstream media doesn’t tell you that, though, do they?”

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No, because it is ludicrous.

Watch below via Media Matters for America:

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