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Newsmax Host Issues Racist ‘Warning’ About Afghani Refugees

Newsmax Host Issues Racist ‘Warning’ About Afghani Refugees

Newsmax host and right-wing propagandist Grant Stinchfield took it upon himself on Wednesday evening to warn his audience that refugees from Afghanistan are hoping to come into the United States to carry out suicide bombings with President Joe Biden’s blessing.

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The war-torn nation collapsed earlier this week after American troops withdrew from the 20-year conflict, allowing the Taliban to take over. Thousands of people have been desperately attempting to leave the country to avoid being subjected to having to live under Sharia Law.

But Stinchfield sees things differently. He thinks that all Afghanis should be treated as potential terrorists:

Thousands of Afghans are fleeing Taliban-control Afghanistan and it will soon find a new home, these Afghanis will. The United States of America is now warning that bringing in these unvetted, uneducated refugees is a big problem. At least that’s what I’m warning here. They won’t assimilate and it won’t be long before one of them could blow themselves up on a street corner in a city near you. Well now, the Defense Department says those Afghan refugees are being sent to US military bases in Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. They’ll stay temporarily until they’re resettled in communities across the country. And don’t forget who’s going to cover the tab for all of this. Well folks, that’s all of you, the American taxpayer. After, of course, Joe Biden already authorized $500 million to help with resettling efforts.

Stinchfield cut to footage of California Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, declaring how proud he was of his state for taking in more refugees than all of the others. Some GOP governors, such as Georgia’s Brian Kemp and Utah’s Spencer Cox, have also offered Afghanis a safe haven.

Stinchfield believes that to be a mistake, although he did not specify why he is so afraid:

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Certainly, some of them that helped the military – translators and the like – deserve to be here. They really do. The problem is we loaded planes full of people, we have no idea who they are. So following Newsom’s lead, that’s what these Republican governors are doing. They should be ashamed of themselves, jeopardizing Americans’ security all in support of Joe Biden’s America last agenda.

Watch below via Media Matters for America:

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