Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Says Trump’s Lawsuits Are Alive and Well and Getting Warmer

Donald Trump’s legal team is having a horrible time in court. Not only do they currently have a record of 1-50, two of them have COVID-19 and the other was fired. Still, the Trump campaign has raised over $200 million by supporters who want them to challenge the election.

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One may find themselves wondering why people would donate so much money to a losing call. Well, if those supporters are watching Newsmax, they may actually think that the suits are going well. According to the network’s Greg Kelly, the lawsuits are going well and “getting warmer.”

Kelly recently told viewers, “We’re getting warmer. These lawsuits are coming together. There are a lot of fake news headlines out there right now saying that the Pennsylvania situation is over. It is not. It is alive and well. The headlines are wrong.”

The source for the anchor’s confidence? Lawyer and Trump confidant Alan Dershowitz. Kelly continued, “I was on the phone today with Professor Alan Dershowitz, some of the litigants of the Trump campaign, this thing is going forward. Yes, the Supreme Court denied an injunction, but that does not mean the case is not on the docket.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Newsmax:

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